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Our Mission

We’re here to help agents streamline their business, implement efficient systems, and ensure you can handle the load without sacrificing quality. Having experienced professionals at your back, helping you strategize, providing mentorship, and offering tools (17 years in the making) to manage your business more effectively. It’s about taking your success to the next level without the burnout. Don’t let success become a stumbling block. There’s always room for growth, and having a team to guide you doesn’t diminish your achievements; it enhances them. The Pro Team is here to ensure your success story continues to flourish!

Why Choose The Marchesiello Pro Team?

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What is the Pro Team?

About Us…

In 2023 we experienced a change in market conditions. Change can either be scary or be embraced and adapted to. The Marchesiello Team decided to “charge the storm” and face this change head on offering a more accessible option for area real estate agents who are interested in joining a team.

The “Pro Team” will operate under all of the existing systems and values of its core team yet with more flexibility. The Marchesiello Team, originally established by Christine Marchesiello in 2016 has foundational models in place that are proven best practices in all areas and aspects of client representation. Under the specialist model, which was the sole model run by The Marchesiello Team until this point, hiring was extremely limited and selective. “If the business was growing and we couldn’t keep up we would hire but that was only once or maybe twice a year” says Marchesiello. We have turned down countless numbers of agents over the years because our model simply didn’t have room for more agents. With the Pro team we can now take the proven systems around selling real estate and serving our clients that we have been refining for 18 years and make it accessible to more agents.” The Pro team is designed for any agent that craves a supportive, successful, and productive environment at a more intimate level than a brokerage can provide.

The Pro Team is being led by Trista Pollack who was a foundational member of The original Marchesiello Team when it was just Christine and an assistant. In her 2 years, Trista sold an astounding 100+ homes. Trista was the first agent to join the team and now, 6 years and an illustrious career later, she is passionate about sharing what she has learned from her time at The Marchesiello Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the “Pro Team” and the traditional “Marchesiello Team”

When The Marchesiello Team was established in 2016 we built a “specialist” team model. We have always operated with agents and support staff who specialize in their roles. For example a buyers agent on our team does not list properties, they refer it to the listing team and vice versa. This model has proven highly successful and we have no plans to abandon that model. Our team standard for agents has always been to sell approx 24 homes per year. This led to a few drawbacks in terms of growth. We would never hire unless everyone was at capacity which would occur approximately once a year. When we started to discuss growing through the declining market conditions of 2023 we wanted to find a “win/win” way to grow the team that didn’t dilute the strong foundation of the specialist model. From this discussion the Pro team idea emerged as a way to continue to grow our team while at the same time be able to share the value that our team can offer to agents in a less structured and specific way. Agents on the pro team will receive a base level of marketing and transactional support and will not be required to specialize

What support/training will I receive as a member of the team?

This is where we truly shine given our unique ability to be supported by Keller Williams as a brokerage and supplement with team specific support and training. Many of the trainings for new agents and training on systems that are new for agents migrating onto our team will be done at the brokerage level by Keller Williams Capital District. There is also a broker support line for questions that border on legal advice. Our team will support with refined skill building, office hours for Q and A with our Director of Growth (currently Trista Pollack), group coaching sessions, etc.

What is expected of me as part of the team?

The main thing expected of you is to live by our core values. We want agents that are going to make decisions of integrity and ethics when dealing with their fellow agents and the consumer. In addition to this there are a few procedural items that will be required in order to assimilate into our team and utilize the services we provide you. They mostly involve some communication steps to our transaction coordinator in order for us to provide you the most helpful service. In addition to this there are suggested systems to follow and tools to use that will only help you to be able to provide exceptional service both for you clients and for your own personal performance but it will be up to you to execute.

Our Core Values… Trust, Honesty, Communication, Highest Level of Practice, Accountability, T.E.A.M

Where will I work?

You can work as much or as little out of the office as you’d like. We have our team office located at 494 Maple Ave in Saratoga with shared office space in various sections of the office, then we have 2 additional Keller Williams offices to utilize as well, one in Saratoga and one in Latham, both with shared workspaces as well. All group coaching and meetings will be held at the 494 Maple Ave. location.

Will I be able to use Marchesiello Team listing presentations and stats?

YES! This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits is as a pro team member you will have access to everything the Marchesiello Team has and has built. From listing presentations to marketing graphics to step by step best practices through buyer and seller transactions!! In addition, Dominick Marchesiello will be leading the group coaching sessions focused on listing skills and Trista Pollack will lead the buyer focused sessions. You could not ask for two better experts to learn from!

How will I get leads?

The value of the Pro team is not primarily lead distribution. There will be a “lead pond” that you will be able to work and there may be leads and open house opportunities from the specialist team from time to time. The real leads will be new ones you are able to procure that will come from the skills you develop, tools you have access to, and coaching and mentoring by being a part of the team.

How does being affiliated with Keller Williams affect me as a team member?

Being affiliated with a brokerage like Keller Williams is an accelerant to your and the team’s success. The personal growth and training opportunities are endless; all of which you will have access to. Obviously we believe that KW is the best brokerage for our team to be strategically positioned with because of it’s market dominance, training strength, international presence and local leadership expertise. You will be a 1099 independent contractor of Keller Williams as part of The Marchesiello Team. Should a team not be the right fit for you we believe you will be very happy not to have to make another transition as you are already aligned with an exceptional brokerage.

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