By badmin September 7, 2016

So, you’re moving to the Saratoga area!

I’ll start by saying what I tell everyone…”You’re going to absolutely LOVE IT”! Saratoga Springs is a large community with small town charm.We are fun loving, we are family friendly, we are adventurous, we love to do it all and we have it all! There are plenty of blogs and resources about all things wonderful in Saratoga but my goal is to help with the real estate side of things with a focus on learning about our town along the way. Figuring out where you want to live and what’s important to you will help you navigate the many options in the Saratoga area real estate game. In this 4 part series we will explore what makes Saratoga Springs a fantastic option and drill down into specific options and decisions that anyone making a move will have to face. We have too many choices….and that’s a good thing if you can narrow down what it is you really want.That’s what my goal for you will be by reading this series.

  • In-town or out of town….
  • Neighborhoods and amenities
  • Bargain Hunter
  • Resale considerations

About the author, Christine Marchesiello

Christine is an Associate Broker with Keller Williams and has been selling real estate in Saratoga Springs since 2006. She has won the “Best of the Saratoga region” award for 4 years straight. Christine credits her success to an unparalleled customer experience and her view that real estate is a consulting and marketing job not a sales job. You can learn more by reading a full bio at .You can also download her free mobile app by visiting