Introducing Referral Jockey: Your Path to Earning Big in Real Estate

By cmteam January 25, 2024

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to earn extra income without the hassle of becoming a
full-fledged real estate agent? Look no further! The Marchesiello Team is excited to introduce
our brand-new program, Referral Jockey. With this program, you can obtain your real estate
license, take the course on us, pass the test, and even get reimbursed for the test fee upon
closing your first referral. Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic opportunity.
How It Works
Our Referral Jockey program is your ticket to entering the world of real estate without the
traditional commitments of being an active agent.
We Cover the Costs: We provide you with the necessary resources to obtain your real estate
license. The course is on us, and we’ll even reimburse the test fee once you close your first
Your real estate license will be held in a Referral Brokerage. This means you won’t be a full-time
real estate agent, so you won’t have to pay pricey dues, brokerage fees, or splits. If you are an
active agent and looking for a new opportunity to keep getting paid on your business but without
the hassle, or paying those upcoming dues, this may be a great option.
Get to Work
Once you’ve got your license, it’s time to get to work. But don’t worry; we’ve made it incredibly
simple for you:
Spread the Word: Your primary task is to inform anyone and everyone, whether you know them
personally or not, who is looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate about The Marchesiello
Team. We pride ourselves on being the best team to help clients find their dream homes, sell for
the best price, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable real estate experience.
Why Us:
We are the only team of true specialists. Highly dedicated to our craft and to our client’s best
interests. We operate at an exponentially higher level than most agents and teams. The average
capital district agent represents 2-3 clients a year. Our agents represent on average 36! We are
The Super Bowl Team of Real Estate Agents with 660+ 5 Star Reviews. & 17 Years in Business
There’s Nothing We Can’t Do!
Earn Big
Now, let’s talk about what really matters – the earnings! Referring clients to The Marchesiello
Team can be a lucrative side hustle like no other:
Lucrative Commissions: For every successful referral, you can earn substantial commissions.
Just one referral could put an extra $3,000 in your pocket, and the more referrals you make, the
more you can earn.
Supplement Your Income: Imagine making ten referrals, each resulting in $3,000. That’s an
additional $30,000 in your bank account! Whether you want to supplement your current income
or potentially replace your full-time job, Referral Jockey offers a flexible and rewarding way to do
The Marchesiello Team’s Referral Jockey program is the perfect opportunity for anyone
interested in real estate to earn extra income without the commitment of becoming a full-time
agent. We provide you with the resources, reimburse your test fees, and reward you generously
for every successful referral you make. It’s never been easier to turn your network into a source
of income.
So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey where you can earn big while helping people with
their real estate needs, join our Referral Jockey program today. Contact us to learn more and
get started on the path to financial success in real estate!