By badmin January 19, 2017

By: Lauren LaFountaine

To tell you the truth, I had never heard of Greenwich, NY. Despite it being 25 minutes from Saratoga Springs and 45 minutes to Manchester, VT, both places I AM familiar with. Upon passing the “Welcome to Greenwich” sign, one of the FIRST things that caught my attention was the array of beautiful Victorian homes built all over this village. It reminded me of visiting my Aunt’s neighborhood in historic New Salem, Massachusetts when I was young. There were large, historical homes everywhere I turned.

After a couple hours visiting there, I learned that this small village has quite the history. Did you know that Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president, lived here at one time- just a block or two from Gray St? Or that Susan B Anthony spent her childhood here? I was blown away to know this! Or that Greenwich, NY had significant involvement in the Underground Railroad? Or that this town has been, in some way, represented in every war that the United States has been involved in?! Also, the inventor of the Corliss Steam Engine was from here. Small town with such a grand past.

Not only does Greenwich have some great history, there are a few things that people come from all around this area to take part in here. The Argyle Brewing Co. is known as one of the first New York Farm Breweries in Washington County. Their tap room offers a slew of beers as well growlers that you can purchase. You may have also heard of the Tour of Battenkill? This is North America’s largest Pro/Am road cycling race. Judging by the website, it’s quite the event! Just a few miles down the road is the Washington County Fair, which I actually frequent myself when it comes around in August…..On off season they hold Antique Shows, Medieval Fairs, Family Fun Days, and Dog Shows. Other amenities of the town are tennis courts, it’s own private beach, a near-by country club and golf courses.

Of course I was itching with interest on where exactly Susan B Anthony’s home was. I had to find it! It didn’t take me long. Located on 2835 Route 29 in Greenwich, past some gorgeous rolling hills, I found the momentous home. I pulled over on the side of the road to take it all in. I found myself imagining all that happened here in this home while Susan resided here. Little did this old house know it was the abode to a child that would one day become a legend.

I couldn’t help but take a few photos of the beautiful houses that caught my eye. The lovely homes stood tall and proud, well-kept and boasting of experience and sagas waiting to be told. Most of these homes contained plaques that named them historic properties or dates of when they were established.

Located on Salem St. is another beautiful historic home that is currently for sale. 76 Salem St. to be exact, just around the corner from the Greenwich Central School. The neighborhood of this home is filled with all sorts of history and the well-kept and notable surrounding homes make it all the more appealing. You can walk down the street here and envision what it might have been like in 1870. This home that holds a plaque stating, “ This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places“ is 3,382 sq feet with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. It has extraordinary woodwork and detail throughout. You can see more of this home, HERE.

Greenwich has somehow managed to maintain it’s integrity of it’s great history. From the small shops to large churches, that also contain historical plaques, this village seems to be a great place to live. Although quaint and quiet, Greenwich would appeal to families or couples who want to live somewhere with a small-town feel. Some place where they can walk down the street for a morning stroll and wave to the neighbors. A place where history prevails and is still evident today.


About Lauren: Lauren is a blogger, mother and is licensed real estate agent residing in Saratoga Springs, NY. After joining Christine Marchesiello as her Executive Assistant, she continues to avidly blog in her own lifestyle blog, as well as sharing posts here. The new series titled “Lauren Explores” will consist of periodic blog posts documenting her exploration and findings of a variety of areas and locales in New York.